Issued instructions to all concerned HoDs to implement the following systemic improvements:

  1. Appropriate clauses to be included in terms of reference used for engagement of consultants regarding the accountability of the consultant and the employer in accordance with the CVC guidelines vide No.01/01/17 dated 23/01/2017.
  2. Procurement process to be started only after receiving all the required details from the indenting authority/user department as prescribed in the procurement manual.
  3. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to be formulated for clearance of sludge from slop reception facilities by including the details like periodicity with which the slop has to be cleared from the tanks and the way in which the sludge has to be disposed either through recyclers or incinerators by proper assessment of oil content in the sludge in line with the norms prescribed by KSPCB under its prevailing rules.
  4. In order to increase participation of tenderers in e-tendering process, it is suggested that the detailed procedure to be followed to participate in e-tender through MSTC portal may be made part of the tender document. Further, necessary help may be extended to the tenderers to upload the documents to the portal.Comparatively hassle free Central Public Procurement Portal (CPPP) of NIC also may be used for e-tendering.
  5. Revision of rate of EMD in line with latest CPWD works manual.
  6. Banning of re-inviting only price bids after opening the original price bids.
  7. Not to follow/recommend the inappropriate procedure of re-considering a discharged tender.
  8. Adopting long term planning for developing a capital intensive facility to avoid repeat expenses on the same work.
  9. Not to award the routine work like Operation & Maintenance of a facility on nomination basis to any OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).
  10. The process of refunding EMD to unsuccessful bidders was streamlined.
  11. Standardisation of terms and conditions in contracts related to man power at NMPT has been formulated to maintain uniformity in all the manpower outsourcing tenders.
  12. All departments are advised to follow standardised BOQ specified by the CPP for E- tendering through CPPP to ensure transparency.
  13. Standard operating procedure for berth allotment at NMPT has been framed and same has been up loaded in NMPT websites.
  14. Standard operating procedure for fixation of pension payment and family pension to the port pensioners / family pensioners has been formulated to avoid misuse of pension benefits