SL Tittle Tender Number Department Last Date of Submission Open Date EMD Corrigendum Tender Notice

Casual Hiring of 01 No. 52 seater Bus for the use of CISF unit of NMPA for Firing practice at Police Firing range, Nakre, Karkala

2/25/2022-23/EE(M)II/TS(CISF Firing) Mechanical Dept
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Enquiry new for bus on 16.3.2023 TO 18.03.2023.pdf 1.44 MB

Removal of Garbage from Staff Colony, CISF Colony, RCHW Colony and entire area of outside security compound wall and processing the solid waste into Manure by vermi compost for the year 2023-24 and 2024-25 (Two Years) - Re-tender

CIVIL/CE(C)/EE(C)/99/2022-23 Civil Dept 143000 Corrigendum 1 updated on 09-03-2023 for tender cancellation
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GarbegeRemovalTD.pdf 3.9 MB
cancellation corrigendum.pdf 314.99 KB

Repair Works of the Sprinkler System and Allied works inside the Wharf area at 30mtr Road,B-14 Road and B-15 Road Phase-1

CIVIL/CE(C)/EE(C)/81/2022-23 Civil Dept 37100
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TD.pdf 5.8 MB

Hiring of 4+1 seater Sedan Cars of Minimum 3900mm Overall length (without driver & fuel) at New Mangalore Port Authority for Chairman Office / Senior Executives for a period of three (3) years

2/25/CH Mechanical Dept Corrigendum 1 updated on 21-03-2023 for extending the last submission date till 29-03-2023 15:00hrs
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Budgetory Enquiry for Hiring of without dirver & fuel Sedan type 2022 model cars.pdf 2.61 MB
Corrigendum No. 1 for Budg offers Hatchback Electric cars.pdf 525.71 KB

Providing Galvalume sheet roofing with G.I pipes over roof slab of fire service building near Mallya Gate and Traffic office building at Berth No.1

CIVIL/CE(C)/EE(C)/66/2022-23 Civil Dept 70200
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NITgalvalumesheet.pdf 6.03 KB
TDgalvalume.pdf 3.94 MB

Allotment of V1 plot of 8140 SQM & V6 plot of 6640 SQM land area on long term lease in the marshalling yard zone at New Mangalore Port ; Through E-tender cum E-auction process

CE/SE(C-II)/EST/V1&V6/MYZ/33/2022 Civil Dept
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Tender in nmpt site.pdf 3.25 MB

Empanelment of allopathic medical shop for supply of medicines, surgical consumables & dental items on credit basis for a period of one year

2023_NMPT_ 743003 Medical Dept 2,36,000 Corrigendum 1 updated on 20-03-2023 for extending the last submission date till 27-03-2023 14:00hrs
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NIT (1)_1.pdf 422.36 KB
Corrigendum -1.pdf 550.68 KB

Inspection of Hot Dip Galvanising of Vertical Poles with base plate structural of Hand Rail as per IS 2629, 2633, 4759 & 6745 and Certification

20/114/2022-23/EE(M)III-TS(OTM) Mechanical Dept Corrigendum 3 updated on 20-03-2023 for extending the last submission date till 27-03-2023 15:30hrs
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BQ-Inspection of Hot Dip Galvanising.pdf 4.91 MB
Corrigendumletter dated 06.03.2023.pdf 590.94 KB
Corrigendum-2_0.pdf 601.32 KB
Corrigendum letter dated 20.03.2023.pdf 652.3 KB

Supply of SS 316 Jumbo Water Curtain Nozzles with Coupling (Adapter) -Budgetary Quotations

20/114/2022-23/EE(M)III-TS(OTM) Mechanical Dept Corrigendum 1 updated on 16-03-2023 for extending the last submission date till 24-03-2023 15:00hrs
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Enquiry letter dated 15.02.2023.pdf 3.21 MB
Corrigendum letter dated 01.03.2023.pdf 568.82 KB
Corrigendum Letter dated 08.03.2023.pdf 568.9 KB
Corrigendum Letter dated 16.03.2023.pdf 236.99 KB

Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 01No.Column Type Vessel access telescopic gangway at Oil Berth No. 13 of NMPA along with Comprehensive Operation & Maintenance for a period of 5Yrs, after the expiry of free guarantee period of 1yrs

CME - 09/2022-23 Mechanical Dept 24,82,000 Corrigendum 1 updated on 06-03-2023 for extending the last submission date till 03-04-2023 15:00hrs
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TDTGW.pdf 1.86 MB
CORRIGENDUM06032023.pdf 346.11 KB