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Sprinkling of water to the roads, pouring of water to the plants and filling of drinking water to the tanks in and around wharf area for the year 2022-23

CIVIL/CE(C)/EE(C)/64/2022-23 Civil Dept 91,700
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TDspklr.pdf 16.59 मेगा बाइट

Arrangements like providing chinese(Paghoda) tent with side covers, armed chair with covers, decorative arch for walk through etc., in connection with the arrival of Cruise Passanger ship to NMPA for the year 2022-23-Retender

2022_NMPT_731679_1 Civil Dept 30800
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TDpaghoda.pdf 616.4 किलोबाइट

Supply of Electrical Items, Laying, Dressing, Glanding, Termination, Testing & Commissioning Of FS & FRLS Cables in the Jetty and Service Platform area of Berth No.13

CME-06/2022-23 Mechanical Dept 6500 Corrigendum 2 updated on 27-01-2023 for extending the last submission date till 02-02-2023 15:00hrs
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Upgradation of Local Area Network at New Mangalore Port Authority Campus

NMPA/IT/LAN/2022-23/02 Finance Dept 20,79,668 Corrigendum 1 updated on 25-01-2023 for extending the last submission date till 31-01-2023 15:00hrs
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TenderforUpgradationofLAN21122022.pdf 1.82 मेगा बाइट
CorrigendumLANUP_01.pdf 247.39 किलोबाइट

Appointment of Project Management Advisory for Providing Consultancy Services to New Mangalore Port Authority

CIVIL/CE(C)/EE(C)/84/2022-23 Civil Dept 1,95,000 Corrigendum 4 updated on 24-01-2023 for extending the last submission date till 31-01-2023 15:00hrs
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ExtensionDueDate4.pdf 13.47 किलोबाइट

Providing vehicle surveillance system and ANPRS including CAMC and onsite support at mallya gate NMPA

EE-I/ESD-I/A/2022-23/07/12 Mechanical Dept 14,87,964 Corrigendum 4 updated on 25-01-2023 for Replies to pre-bid queries of the bidders
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CorrigendumNo.3.pdf 240.29 किलोबाइट
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