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Collection, transportation, destruction and issuance of certificate of SART, EPIRB and RADAR on board tug Iswari

NMPA/ME/ISW/2023/05dated30/03/2023 Marine Dept
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Quotation inquiry ..pdf 89.04 किलोबाइट

Procurement of Ayurvedic Medicines - RFQ-Ayur-V-2022-23

RFQ-Ayur-V-2022-23 Medical Dept
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RFQ-Ayur-V-2022-23.pdf 277.33 किलोबाइट

Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of 1 No. pitless type automated weigh bridge of 100 ton or above capacity and operation & maintenance on revenue sharing bass for a period of 5 years

2023_NMPT_747380 Mechanical Dept 103000
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NIT_1.pdf 449.12 किलोबाइट
TENDERDOCUMENTWB.pdf 1.32 मेगा बाइट

Providing and fixing display board at business developement centre and testnig centre building, NMPA

5/291/CIVIL/Mtc-I/2022-TS Civil Dept
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Display Board.pdf 534.9 किलोबाइट

Painting of Handrails of Tower Monitors & Ground Monitors of Fire Fighting Facilities of Berth No. 10, 11 & 13 including supply of paint

20/114/2022-23/EE(M)III-TS(OTM) Mechanical Dept
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Budgetary Enquiry letter dated 28.03.2023.pdf 2.98 मेगा बाइट

Construction of Cruise Terminal Gate at New Mangalore Port

CIVIL/CE(C)/EE(C)/89/2022-23 Civil Dept 4,48,500
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NItcruisegate.pdf 12.08 किलोबाइट
TDcruisegate.pdf 7.46 मेगा बाइट

Replacement of gas detectors and control panels at Berth No. 10

13/GD/EE(E)II/2023 Mechanical Dept 13,700
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NIT_0.pdf 241.67 किलोबाइट
TenderDocument_1.pdf 1.07 मेगा बाइट

Valuation of Existing structures at 3766Sqm Area allotted to M/s Aspinwall & Company Ltd

2/14/2019/EBL-2 Civil Dept
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Quotation-2023 Final.pdf 1.18 मेगा बाइट

Supply & Installation of wall mounting split air conditioner unit to the public relation office at Annexure block of A.O building, NMPA

8/3/2022/ELe. Dvn/ETS.II/ 03/03 Mechanical Dept
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Enquiry - Supply and Installation of wall mounitng Split Air Conditioner unit to the Public Relation Office.pdf 766.26 किलोबाइट
Enquiry - Extension Letter -Supply and Installation of wall mounitng Split Air Conditioner unit to the Public Relation Office.pdf 161.5 किलोबाइट

Disposal of morning launches lot description(Tech. Specification) of the morning launches

MSTC/BLR/NEW MANGALORE PORT TRUST /36/MANGALORE/22-23/45370[372131] Type : O Mechanical Dept
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Tender File.pdf 163.52 किलोबाइट