Application form for issue or renewal of stevedoring and shore handling license under the New Mangalore Port Authority
(licensing of stevedoring and shore handling) regulation, 2019

Contact Details of Applicant
Period for which licence is required

Details of Streamship Company / Charterer of Ships/ Owner of Cargo
Names of the Streamship Company / Charterer of Ships/ Owner of Cargo with whom the contract for stevedoring their vessel / cargo subsists or is proposed to be entered (Proof of contract for the period covered is to be appended. The approximate tonnage for each party is to be indicated)
Names of the Streamship Company Roof of contract Expected Tonnage

Previous THREE years of experience in the field of stevedoring

Financial capability of Applicant
yes no

Eligibility details of Applicant

Whether the applicant possesses equipment and gears required for Stevedoring activities and shore handling activities (enclose list of equipment and gears with safety certificate)

List of Equipment and gears Safety Certificate

Whether the applicant has employed or is willing to give an undertaking to employ at least six supervisory personnel possessing minimum two years' of experience in cargo handling and stowage required for undertaking the stevedoring activities and shore handling activities (enclose list of employees, their detailed profile including work experience).

Name of employ Detailed profile Work experience

History of Earlier Transactions

I/We, affirm that the particulars given above are true to the best of my/our knowledge and belief.
I/ We, agree to pay the royalty amount as license fee as specified by the Board, charges payable to the registered cargo handling workers and charges for any other services of the Board availed by me/us for undertaking stevedoring and shore handling operations at New Mangalore Port.
I/We, agree to furnish any other information/produce any record for inspection as may be required by the concerned authority for issue/renewal of license.
I/We, agree to abide by the New Mangalore Port Authority (Licensing of Stevedoring and Shore Handling) Regulation, 2019, as amended from time to time and to comply with the directions issued by the Board from time to time, if the licence is issued or renewed in my / our favour.
I/We, hereby declare that, I/We have not been convicted for any offence involving moral turpitude and enclosed the certificate as in Appendix-I.
I/We, hereby undertake that, I/We shall charge the rates for services rendered not exceeding the ceiling rates notified by the tariff authority.

Note :
1. The attached Declaration and Conditions form must be signed and stamped and sent to NMPA office in original .
2. Documents in Original must be sent to the follwing address:
The Traffic Manager New Mangalore Port Authority Administrative office, Panambur - 575010 Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka