SL शीर्षक निविदा संख्या विभाग जमा करने की अंतिम तिथि खोलने की तिथि ईएमडी शुद्धिपत्र Tender Notice

Supply of MS Materials

RFQ-2698 Mechanical Dept
संलग्नी आकार
Tender Document 1.79 मेगा बाइट

Providing Fencing with gate to the newly installed Diesel Generator set at premises of Administrative building at NMPA

NMPT/2023_NMPT_737183_1 Civil Dept 5,600
संलग्नी आकार
Tender Document 2.32 मेगा बाइट

Procurement of Fuel Nozzles , Sealing Kit For Injection Valve

GEM/2023/B/3067493 Mechanical Dept
संलग्नी आकार
Tender Document 86.91 किलोबाइट

NMPT High School supply of library books

40(lib).2022-23HS Administration Dept
संलग्नी आकार
Tender Document 424.73 किलोबाइट

NMPT Education Society- supply of Sports Materials

26/NMPTHS/SPOTS/2022-23 Administration Dept
संलग्नी आकार
Tender Document 351.5 किलोबाइट

Empanelment of Advertising Agency for releasing advertisement & other publicity related activities for New Mangalore Port Authority, Panambur, Mangalore

2023_NMPT_738374_1 Administration Dept 145500
संलग्नी आकार
Tender Document 1.32 मेगा बाइट

Restoration/Repair fire Monitor Tower, Fire Control Buildings in Oil Jetty Area

CIVIL/CE(C)/EE(C)/86/2022-23 Civil Dept 30,700
संलग्नी आकार
NIT 12.01 किलोबाइट
Tender Document 3.7 मेगा बाइट

Replacement of existing LED sign board at Mallya Gate

EE(E)-I/Techcell/B/2022-23/01/22 Mechanical Dept 21,840
संलग्नी आकार
Tender Document 1.39 मेगा बाइट

Providing and fixing of granite plaque for lokarpan/shilanyas of the projects by Hon'ble union minister, ministry of ports, shipping and waterways to New Mangalore Port on 13th October 2022

2/397/CIVIL/Mtc-I/2022-TS Civil Dept 1180
संलग्नी आकार
Tender Document 475.27 किलोबाइट

Replacement of existing hand rails in the walkways of Berth No.10 and structural walkway behind fire pump house No.1

2023_NMPT_737751_1 Mechanical Dept 41,800
संलग्नी आकार
Tender Document 1.44 मेगा बाइट