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Procurement of Auto inflatable Type Life Jackets for pilots with Annual maintaenance for a period of 5 years - quotation - Reg

6/17/2022-23/STS.6/PII-2685 Mechanical Dept
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Supply of Hardware Items

RFQ-2697 Mechanical Dept
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RFQ-2697.pdf 2.27 मेगा बाइट

NMPT Education Society supply of Supply of Photo Copier

1/T&P/NMPTHS/2022-23 Administration Dept
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XEROX MACHINE-22.pdf 167.68 किलोबाइट

Providing and supplying Window blinds, Aluminium Door Closer in the Auditorium, Polishing the sofa sets, Name board and other essential accessories at Business Development Centre, NMPA (Re-tender)

CIVIL/CE(C)/EE(C)/94/2022-23 Civil Dept 5,800
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Providing galvalume sheet roofing on the entrance lobby of canara bank, in hospital building and providing paver blocks in front of parking shed at NMPA

CIVIL/CE(C)/EE(C)/93/2022-23 Civil Dept 4600
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Providing temporary lighting to MDL yard for the proposed stacking of Iron Ore

14/Lighting-MDLYrd/EE(E)II/2023 Mechanical Dept
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14RFQ Ltng MDLYrd23.pdf 446.88 किलोबाइट

Development, Operation, Management & Maintenance of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar stadium situated at New Mangalore Port premises on PPP basis

2023_NMPT_736651_1 Civil Dept
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EOINMPAStadiumPPPProjectTD.pdf 1 मेगा बाइट

Replacement of existing SS 316 foam line at Berth no. 12

N.I.T. No. CME - 07/2022-23 Mechanical Dept 55,200 Corrigendum 1 updated on 19-01-2023 for Addendum-1
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Deployment of Security Guards at Panambur Circle for Traffic Control Measures for the year 2023-24 and 2024-25

CIVIL/CE(C)/EE(C)/83/2022-23 Civil Dept 46,700
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PanambursecurityGaurdTD.pdf 666.19 किलोबाइट

Removal of Garbage from Staff Colony, CISF Colony, RCHW Colony and entire area of outside security compound wall and processing the solid waste into Manure by vermi compost for the year 2023-24 and 2024-25 (Two Years)

CIVIL/CE(C)/EE(C)/82/2022-23 Civil Dept 1,43,000
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